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All American Barbecued Tech Support

Uncategorized 🕔May 22, 2015

When Ralph Hall at Kravin Frozen Yogurt in Wisconsin needed chiller tech support on his busiest day of the year, July 4th, Russell Watkins, American Chillers technician was available to help him. Frozen yogurt and ice cream machines often use

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What size tank do I need for my brewery, cidery or winery glycol chiller?

Brewery Chillers , FAQ , Glycol Chillers , Medium Temp Chillers , Winery Chillers Blog 🕔May 21, 2015

Chiller glycol tanks are engineered to help absorb heat from the process and eliminate or minimize temperature swings. Large (oversized) glycol chiller tanks are especially important with process that have load swings, but are not very critical for most winery

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Why won’t my glycol chiller go below 40F degrees?

Brewery Chillers , Glycol Chiller , High Temperature Chiller , Medium Temperature Chiller , Winery Chillers Blog 🕔May 20, 2015

Chillers are made to work in temperature ranges, mostly known as high, medium and low. A high temperature chiller made for comfort cooling (air-conditioning) is not built to cool below 40F degrees. If you drop the temperature below forty degrees,

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