American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Manufacturer of industrial process chillers
for medical, dry cleaning, aerospace,
food processing and more...

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American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. provides contractors, OEM’s, contractors and end users with cost effective water chiller systems, built to order to each customer’s process cooling requirements. We welcome customer contact to allow for efficient transfer of information.


American Chillers is an evolution of years of engineering and manufacturing experience. In the 1980’s, Marvin Wheaton was an engineer for a dry cleaning manufacturer. Many dry cleaners were using domestic water sources to cool their machines, while others were buying chillers and cooling towers that were mismatched, leading to unnecessary downtime and loss of revenue. He saw a niche opportunity and built a chiller line that is still being used today.

Soon, the word about Marvin’s “solutions based” expertise spread to other industries including wineries & breweries, healthcare, plastics and food processing. The MRI Machine was just getting its start and Marv designed some of the early MRI and medical chillers for this and similar mission critical projects.

Throughout the years, Marvin Wheaton and his companies, including American Chillers have provided chillers to customers such as NASA, Boeing, the US Government, Toshiba, Siemens Medical, General Electric and various others in the US and through the world.

American Chillers provides custom chillers aimed at the exact specification of the cooling process resulting in minimal downtime and lower stress on the chiller components leading to longer machine lifespan, energy savings and higher efficiencies.

We at American Chillers are pleased to assist you with a custom based solution to your process no matter how big or small.

Contact us today for assistance with your process cooling needs.