American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Manufacturer of industrial process chillers
for medical, dry cleaning, aerospace,
food processing and more...

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Purchase American Chillers for your mission-critical chilled water process


We have been providing mission critical Medical Chillers to our clients for 30 years. Common applications include cooling for MRI’s, CAT Scans, Pet Scans, and Linear Accelerators, cooling blood in cardiology, providing chilled water for operating room air-conditioning, cooling vacuum pumps, therapy pools and more.

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Cost effective Chillers & Cooling Towers for the Dry Cleaning Industry. Since 1986, we have provided over 5,000 chilling systems to the dry cleaning industry. Many of those early units are still working today.

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Our engineers have been designing chillers for the food industry for 30 years. We offer expert support for proper chiller design and selection.

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Industrial chillers can include plastics injection molding and extruding, metal finishing, hydraulics cooling, oil cooling, test stand cooling and many more. Our rugged industrial chillers are designed to hold up to heavy duty industrial process cooling.

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Our commercial chiller line is a versatile product line that offers a cost effective solution to many cooling needs. Available in high and medium temperature chillers.

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