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Automatic Brewery Control Panels

Automatic Brewery Control Panels

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American Chillers Automatic Brewery Control Panels

American Chillers Auto Brewery Control Panel

Automatic Brewery Control Panel

provide state of the art control of the brewery process to allow Brew Masters and Wine Makers more control of their brewery system. Brewers and Wine Makers have multiple jacketed tanks and a circulating glycol fluid going through them. One fermentation tank may be at the beginning stages of fermentation with another may be at the end of the fermentation, therefore producing less heat and requiring less cooling. Another tank may be cold crashing or in pull down mode. The conditioning or brite tanks may be holding at 33F degrees.There may be a cold liquor tank, a heat exchanger and even possibly a walk-in cooler with glycol coil. Many tanks at many different conditions can all be set, controlled and monitored with the brewery panel. Set points and outputs can be installed and/or monitored either through the keypad on the panel or through a computer connect via an Ethernet connection.

Brew Masters have the option of monitoring the system remotely and programming alarm functions for each tank. Standard features include keypad, sensors with cable, transducers with cable, computer or modem cable, on/off switch, alarm light and audible alarm, programmable microprocessor for custom configurations, building automation compatibility and more. Turnkey kits with solenoid valves and by-pass valves are available.

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