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Having Chiller Problems?

Uncategorized 🕔July 9, 2014

5 Things to check before calling chiller technical support.

  1. Check the flow rate. Most chillers are set up to run approximately 2.4 GPM / ton. If you don’t have a flow meter installed (and you have a small chiller) you can fill a 5 gallon bucket and keep track of the time it takes to fill it. If it takes 30 seconds to fill, you have 10 gallons per minute.
  2. Check the strainer. If flow is low, check the strainer or any inline filters that may be clogged. Most chillers are equipped with flow switches to prevent freezing the evaporator in the event of low flow.  Flow switches need a minimum of 5 GPM. If your flow is less than 5 GPM, your compressor will not operate. Clogged strainers or filters are common problems for reduced flow.
  3. Check the by-pass valve. If your chiller is equipped with a by-pass (internally or site installed), make sure it is adjusted properly. Too much or too little flow being by-passed can affect your cooling process.
  4. Check the condenser. Is the condenser coil (in air-cooled chillers) clean and free of debris? Is the condenser in a well ventilated area? Anything that restricts air flow across the condenser or if there is inadequate ventilation, the chiller will not operate efficiently and may not have enough heat transfer to provide cooling.
  5. Check the water (fluid) in the system? Check to make sure there is adequate fluid in the system. If the chiller is equipped with a reservoir, check the site glass and make sure it is filled with fluid. Low water (fluid levels) can reduce the cooling efficiency of your chiller.

American Chillers & Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. takes pride in our customer service and technical support. Please have your model and serial number ready when calling and we will be happy to assist you.