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Control Panels

Purpose – Control panels are designed so that the customer can turn the chiller or cooling tower on/off with cooling indicators and can be mounted on the chiller or cooling tower skid or in a remote location when the cooling equipment is not accessible.

How it works

Contol panles come in many sizes and options, but generally are installed indoors in a location convenient to the operator of the equipment or process that is being cooled. The most common controls are the on/off switch, pump, flow and power indicators. Options include high temp, loss of flow, compressor power, high pressure, low pressure and audible alarm.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient on/off and basic indication of cooling system operation
  • Installs with low voltage 18 gauge wires
  • Cooling Tower control panels include motor starters
  • Customizable
  • Ship with most chiller purchases


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