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Simplify your cooling tower purchase with a cooling tower system from Amchill. Choose a pre-selected cooling tower, tank, pump and control panel combination or mix and match to customize your system. Go one step further and have Amchill mount your system on a skid for easy installation. Contact Us today for details and assistance.

Cooling Tower Model  Motor  Voltage Tower Sump 1Recommended Tank   Pump  
Gal.     Model  Model H.P Model Voltage
ACTS-5-1 115-220/60/1 20 gal. 65  VT-0065-CT 1.5 AMJHF ODP 115-230/1/60
ACTS-8-1 115-220/60/1  VT-0065-CT
ACTS-10-1 115-220/60/1 25 Gal 75 VT-0075-CT 2.0 AMJHG ODP 115-230/1/60
ACTS-15-1 115-220/60/1 36 Gal. VT-0075-CT
ACTS-20-1 115-220/60/1 38 Gal. 75 VT-0075-CT 3.0 AMCCHH3  ODP 230-460/3/60
ACTS-20-3 230/460/60/3 VT-0075-CT
ACTS-25-3 230/460/60/3 55 Gal 110 VT-0110-CT
ACTS-30-3 230/460/60/3  75 Gal 160 VT-0160-CT
ACTS-40-3 230/460/60/3 97 Gal VT-0160-CT 5.0 AMCCHJ3 ODP 230-460/3/60
ACTS-50-3 230/460/60/3 92 Gal VT-0160-CT
ACTS-60-3 230/460/60/3 115 Gal 265 VT-0265-CT
ACTS-70-3 230/460/60/3 130 Gal VT-0265-CT 7.5 AMMPH-200-750 ODP 230-460/3/60
ACTS-80-3 230/460/60/3 135 Gal VT-0265-CT
ACTS-100-3 230/460/60/3 210 Gal 405 VT-0405-CT
1 Minimum recommended tank capacity is at least twice the tower sump volume. This volume will return to the tank when the pump is shut off. The tank should be 1/2 full during operation to avoid tank overflow at shut down. Some processes may require larger tanks or multiple tanks.2 The Control Panel is an option and is not necessary to all systems.

3 Factory Skid Mounting is available. Contact Factory for details and pricing.

4 Pump sizes are based on typical flows and pressures. Pipe size, length of pipe, and other factors can influence flows and pressures.