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What Happened to Aqua Products Chiller Company, Inc. in SC?

Uncategorized 🕔April 18, 2019

What Happened to Aqua Products Chiller Company, Inc in SC? American Chillers is Building Aqua Products Chiller Company Replacements because after 25 years in business, John Seppamaki has decided to retire and close his South Carolina chiller business Aqua Products Company, Inc.

John started working in the chiller business back in the 1980’s and opened Aqua Products in the early 1990’s in Newberry, SC (then moved to Prosperity, SC). John has proven to be a worthy businessman, competitor and chiller manufacturer by being able to withstand the many industry changes over the last 25 years. We wish him the best in his well deserved retirement!

How to Buy replacement Aqua Products Company (chillers, chiller packs and reverse cycle chillers)?

How to Buy replacement Aqua Products Company (chillers, chiller packs and reverse cycle chillers)?  Aqua Products customers with outstanding quotes can order through American Chillers (West Columbia, SC) by emailing them at American Chillers is doing everything they can to honor any recent pricing from Aqua Products Company. American Chillers is also making replacement units for Aqua Products Chillers and can provide parts for many of the Aqua Products Company chillers. Any questions about replacement Aqua Products Chillers can be directed to the email address or call 803-822-3860.

Tube in Shell Evaporators

Aqua Products Company was a small, custom chiller company with a focus on 30 ton and smaller chiller with tube in tube evaporators. The tube in shell evaporators are a copper tube in heavy duty steel shell refrigerant to water heat exchanger. Whereas brazed plate heat exchangers are very efficient, they are also very delicate and not recommended if proper amounts of glycol to water are not being used. Tube in shell evaporators are strongly recommend in applications with poor water quality or those that aren’t maintained very well.

Aqua Products Reverse Cycle Chillers

Aqua Products Company was also known for its reverse cycle chillers, which were a heat pump chiller. Aqua Products was one of the first to make the heating/cooling chiller via heat pump a popular item with York (now Johnson Controls, Inc.) dealers and through many wholesalers in the United States and Canada.

Aqua Products Chiller Pack / Chill Pack

Aqua Products also made popular their Chiller Pack unit which allows contractors to use their own condensing units in conjunction with the Aqua Chiller Pack (CP) unit. The chiller pack contains the evaporator and controls in a cabinet that can be hung on a wall in an equipment or mechanical room. The contractor installs the line set connecting the chill pack with the condensing unit and they have a chiller unit. Of course, a pump and small tank are also needed to complete the system. The chiller packs were available in cooling only or heating/cooling when used with a heat pump condensing unit. The chill packs also included the heavy-duty tube in shell evaporators.

American Chillers looks forward to keeping Aqua Products Company and John Seppamaki’s legacy alive and thriving. We are honored to be working with John to service his long standing customer base with chillers (package and split), chiller packs and reverse cycle (heat pump) chillers.