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American Chillers Cold Plunge Chiller – NBA Thunder

American Chillers Cold Plunge Chiller – NBA Thunder

Cold Plunge Chiller 🕔November 15, 2014

Oklahoma City Thunder Buys American Cold Plunge Chiller

The Oklahoma City Thunder professional basketball team recently turned to American Chillers & Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. for their therapy cold plunge pool chiller. The team at American Chillers have been providing chillers for professional sports teams since the 1980′s. In addition to the American Chillers normal cold plunge pool requirements, the NBA team needed a custom configuration in order to fit behind a wall at their facility. The chiller needed to fit inside an existing wall between the studs. American Chillers engineers went to work and designed a custom chiller to meet the specifications of the site saving thousands of dollars and timely construction work in the arena.

For more information about cold plunge chillers for your spa, therapy facility, sports training room or residence, contact American Chillers at 803-822-3860 or via email at