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New Orleans Saints Ice Bath Chiller

Cold Plunge Chiller 🕔October 31, 2018

The NFL’s New Orleans Saints recently purchased an American Chiller for their sports therapy / ice bath for their new training facility in Metairie, LA. The American Cold Plunge Chiller provides cooling to a large plunge pool where several players can soak up the benefits of the ice cold water at the same time. This type of therapy pool is becoming more popular with college and professional sports teams over the smaller, stainless steel tubs. Dipping in a cold pool helps to speed recovery from injury, reduces swelling and reduces pain. A chiller is more efficient and convenient than constantly adding ice to a pool. The chiller engineered for the Saints was a dual circuit, split chiller with titanium core heat exchanger. The American Chiller is more efficient than using intermediate heat exchangers and offers two stages of operation for energy savings, plus redundancy. American Chillers specializes in cold plunge chillers with top sports teams looking for a reliable pool chiller, engineered to the customer’s specifications. Thank you to Ryan Dunlevy of Southeast Engineers and GW Oliver Construction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for partnering with American Chillers on this project.