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What pipe size should I use for my chiller or cooling tower system?

Uncategorized 🕔July 18, 2014

What pipe size should you use for your chiller or cooling tower?
Single Tank Process Cooling
A common technical support issue has to do with properly or improperly sizing piping runs. When in doubt, call the factory for assistance. However, a couple of quick checks can sometimes provide the answer. First, never run piping that is smaller than the discharge line connection of the chiller. For cooling tower operation, if your pump is sized correctly, never run piping smaller than the discharge size of the pump (or connection sizes of the cooling tower). For long runs or high flow rates, you may need to increase the pipe size. One common issue when an external bypass is installed that is smaller than the supply (header) pipe size. If you are installing a by-pass for a chiller that is not equipped with one, install the same size bypass piping as the supply piping and add a gate valve. You can turn the gate valve to tune in the flow to the most efficient operation for your installation.

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