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Manufacturer of industrial process chillers
for medical, dry cleaning, aerospace,
food processing and more...

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Tank & Pump Modules

Purpose – Skid mounted tank and pump modules allow for quick onsite installation.

Amchill can fabricate tanks and pumps to meet unique site requirements. Tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, mixing valves, solenoid valves, electromechanical or microprocessor controls, motor starters, system indicators and alarms are among popular options.

Why Buy Pre-fabricated tank pump modules:

Often engineers specify Amchill to build tank, pump and heat exchanger modules for their clients because they know that building in a controlled factory environment not only saves money over building on site, but can allows for better workmanship and shortens installation times.

Common Applications

Common applications include cooling towers and chillers where one or more process heat exchanger requires cooling such as in laboratories, food processing, industrial or medical installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of installation means shorter installation times
  • The controlled factory environment allows for better quality control
  • More cost effective than building onsite
  • Custom built to customer specifications
  • Allows a single chiller or cooling tower to cool multiple processes


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