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Varian 7.5 Ton Chiller Cut Sheet

7.5 Nominal Ton - CAVCS0754-M

For: Trilogy, True Beam, 21ex, Clinac 1800, 2100, 2300

Equipment Requirement:

To provide a constant 60F supply of 40% glycol solution, at a capacity of 85,350 Btu/hr in a 95F ambient. The maximum flow rate is 20 gpm @ 45 psi supply pressure.

Design Considerations:
Extreme low loading during standby mode.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty welded, tubular steel frame with high gloss powder coat finish and laminated aluminum cabinet
  • U.L. Listed, and EPA Compliant, eco-friendly R410a refrigeration condensing unit
  • Single refrigeration circuit with Copeland scroll compressor(s) with crankcase heater(s)
  • Air cooled, high ambient, vertical discharge, condensers for 100°F ambient with fan cycle low ambient control
  • Weather proof electrical panel with single point power connection
  • 24 vac control circuit with component sequenced terminal strip for easy troubleshooting
  • Remote control panel for indoor installation provides lighted on/off switches and digital thermostat
  • UL and ASME stainless steel brazed plate evaporator insulated against condensation with 1/2″ closed cell insulation
  • Auto reset low pressure safety; manual reset high pressure safety
  • Externally equalized thermal expansion valve, liquid line filter drier, and sight glass
  • Hot gas capacity control to minimize compressor short-cycling during low loading
  • Low water flow compressor interlock safety locks out compressors in low flow condition
  • Non-ferrous water lines with FPT connections insulated with 1/2” closed cell insulation
  • Stainless steel reservoir insulated with 1/2” closed cell insulation
  • High head, stainless steel centrifugal process pump rated at 40 psi at 2.5 GPM/ton
  • Internal bypass valve for temperature stability and to prevent pump dead heading.
  • Systems leak checked, pressure tested, run tested under load and shipped operation ready
  • Warranty: one (1) year limited parts, five (5) years limited compressor warranty
  • Ships fully crated to minimize damage risk during shipping

Options & Accessories

  • Magnum microprocessor controller, Building Automation System (BAS) compatible
  • Condenser coil coating for corrosion protection in salt air environments
  • Flooded condenser to maintain head pressure in below zero ambient
  • Cabinet mounted fluid pressure and temperature gauges and refrigeration pressure gauge
  • Inhibited propylene glycol concentrate or 65% / 35% premix in 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon carboys
  • Dual pumps with lead/lag control
  • Castors for portability
  • Alternate refrigerants



Physical Data
Dimensions: 66”L x 44”W x 70”H
Ship  Weight: 1135 lbs.
Minimum Clearances: 30” All Sides   60” above Top
Noise Rating: 77 dBA @ 10 feet
Fans CFM: 8800 cfm @ 125°F
Tank Capacity: 50 Gallons ( Atmospheric )
Connections: 1.25” FPT CHWS and CHWR


Electrical Data
Power Supply:  208-230/3/60
Compressor: LRA: 164 Amps
RLA: 25 Amps
Fan Motor: FLA: 1 @ 2.2 Amps
Pump Motor  H.P. 1.5
  FLA: 37.2 Amps
Total Circuit: FLA: 46.5 Amps
MOP: 60 Amps


Electrical Data
Power Supply:  460/3/60
Compressor: LRA: 100 Amps
RLA: 12.2 Amps
Fan Motor: FLA: 1 @ 1.3 Amps
Pump Motor  H.P. 1.5
  FLA: 3.4 Amps
Total Circuit: FLA: 16.9 Amps
MOP: 25 Amps

Information provided is subject to change at manufacturers discretion. Submittals available upon request with purchase order.

Customer requirements may change from time to time. Please verify heat load prior to purchasing.