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What is Free Cooling?

Free cooling or economizers save energy consumption by incorporating an extra fluid-to-air heat exchanger (fluid cooler) into a chiller. The warm fluid returning from the process is cooled by the air cooled fluid heat exchanger before it enters the chiller heat exchanger.

When the outdoor air is cool enough, it can provide 100% of the chilling which is almost “free cooling”. Since we still need a pump to circulate the fluid in the loop and a fan in the air cooled condenser, it is not completely free, but it is at least an 85% reduction in energy consumption during this period.


Any application can benefit from free cooling, even mission critical applications. The colder the climate, the more benefit is achieved as the ambient air has to be cooler than the warm fluid returning from the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce energy costs and on operating expenses
  • Fluid cooler is a closed system so fluid is not contaminated like in a cooling tower.
  • Program the controller on the free cooling chiller and forget about it. Unit will cycle on when ambient air is cool enough for savings
  • Helps your company achieve it’s “green” objectives
  • Short payback period

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