American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Manufacturer of industrial process chillers
for medical, dry cleaning, aerospace,
food processing and more...

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Our engineers have been designing chillers for the food industry for 30 years. We offer expert support for proper chiller design and selection.

Food & Beverage Cooling Challenges
Food & beverage processes often require colder water/glycol temperatures than many standard off the shelf chillers provide.

Running below 44F LWT can cause evaporator freezing in potable water chillers and oil or refrigerant problems for glycol chillers. Buying a chiller matched to your spec will help you avoid premature failure and constant service problems, keeping your Food & Beverage Process online.

American Chillers are custom engineered to meet your requirements. Common applications include:

  • Potable Water Chillers & Batch Chillers
  • Brewery, Winery & Fermentation Chillers
  • Jacket and Vat Cooling
  • Mixer Cooling
  • Fruit & Vegetable Produce Wash Stations
  • Ingredient Water Cooling for Bakery & Dough Making
  • Stoelting Ice Cream & Yogurt Machine Cooling
  • Dairy & Cheese Process Cooling
  • Glycol Chillers down to -40F degrees Fahrenheit

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* List does not include every application or condition. Send your design conditions and specifications to us for proper equipment selection
   and for help calculating process heat load.